Welcome, one and all!

First time here? You may want to check out my opening post, “beginnings,” which explains the basic ideas behind this blog.

Curious to know a bit about me? Let’s see…. I:

– am a university student.

– covet books. It’s bad, I know — but at least there are libraries to gratify my book binges.

– learned most of what I know (or don’t) about writing while perched in a magnolia tree. That is to say: I like to stare at leaves.

– am not a photographer but am highly flattered whenever anyone compliments photos I’ve taken. My latest pride:

(It’s my “magical” camera that made the photo turn out well, not shaky-hands me, I promise…. So please don’t indulge my vanity. Just enjoy the pretty flowers.)

– love any tea with mint in it — hot “réglisse menthe” or “peppermint” tea as well as sweet iced tea served over fresh mint leaves…. (That makes me sound super healthy. Don’t fret, I adore hot chocolate too. Or coffee, preferably an espresso with a square of dark chocolate on the side….)

– mentally manipulate mailbox numbers when I run. It keeps my mind off the pain. Try it one day; it’s quite effective.

– wish I could be funny… but as I’m not, I appreciate even more my brother, who is.

– feel weird writing so many random facts about myself. You’re probably utterly bored by now (you’re still reading?!), so I’ll stop.

Thanks for visiting my blog and please feel free to comment!


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